One goal of Soultainment Studios is to produce quality content that provides ‘Entertainment For The Soul’. The second goal is to give away a majority of the profits to help people that are less fortunate around the world. The remaining profits will be shared among all the employees inside an employee-owned company. The third goal is to build a family-like culture within Soultainment Studios. The founders have stated that their yearly salaries will be that of the average person at Soultainment Studios.


Our Current Projects


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 War On Fear

Exposing The World’s Greatest Threat

ductTape_daddy_3_revised (1)

 Duct Tape Daddy

There’s Nothing Love & Duct Tape Can’t Fix


 Holy Shih Tzu 

The Divine Answered With A Canine

 Losing It

In Our Reality, The Customer Is Always Wrong


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 Beaches To Blessing

Atheist Gives Up Perfect Live For Canines and The Divine
based on true story

We’re so passionate about work-life balance that we offer you unlimited vacation time. And once our new campus is finished you will enjoy even more life. The new campus gives you the option to live in Millennial-styled onsite apartments at no cost. You’ll receive three gourmet meals a day @ no cost. Plus, your medical bills and health insurance are 100% covered too. Got free time? Spend it by taking out one of the many toys owned by the company that includes Tesla cars, jet boats, limos, motorcycles, dirt bikes, jet skis, Class A RVs, ATVs and much more….



Want to go camping in an RV for the weekend? What about cruising around on a pair of Harley’s with a friend? Or, hitting the water on a jet ski? Our employees can! Since the company is owned by the employees, employees have access to ALL the toys and vacaton properties owned by the studio.






Be part of something you own! Be part of a something that creates amazing content! Be part of something that impacts the world!



If You Got It, We Want It!!!


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 helping ordinary people do extraordinary things

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